The True Value in a Cat® Part

It is no surprise that generator sets, whether providing prime or back-up power, require regular maintenance and repairs if they are to operate to expectations. What might not be considered during maintenance and repair is the impact replacement parts will have on performance.

It is best to perform engine repairs before there is a failure. The parts used in that repair can dictate when the next service interval occurs and at what level a generator set performs. For instance, parts that meet only dimensional specifications may not be the best choice. Also, as Caterpillar® updates parts, that could mean a replacement part from another supplier may not meet the most recent specifications.

Genuine Cat parts are designed by the engineers who designed the equipment and know how each part must perform in an application. Parts engineered to work together as a system may improve fuel economy. Material quality (whether steel, alloy or rubber), manufacturing procedures and specification tolerances will affect downtime and the operational cost per hour.

Watch your planned indicators to determine when parts may need replacement. Planned indicators include technical analysis, service meter hours, service history and S•O•SSM Services to detect potential needs before there is a problem.

A part should enable a generator set to operate at optimal productivity for the part’s intended life. Its value is not found in the initial cost. True value is determined in cost per hour, uptime and performance.

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