A Choice of Retrofit Control Panels

EMCP I and II generator set control panels are no longer in production and EMCP II+ and 3 panels, while still available, may not provide all the capabilities you need. It therefore might be time to consider the line of Cat® retrofit control panels.

The EMCP 4.2 retrofit panel and the EMCP 4.2 retrofit parts kit are cost-effective and complete solutions for customers needing to replace EMCP I through EMCP 3 generator set controllers. It provides control and protection for critical installations like NFPA 110 Level 1 applications. The upgrade panel includes a controller that is already installed in a standard size panel. The upgrade parts kit contains all the parts found in the upgrade panel, minus the enclosure, to allow you to upgrade a floor standing control panel.

The EMCP 4.3 retrofit panel offers even more functionality, including ethernet connectivity for building management system integration. It is ready-to-mount, requires no additional assembly or parts, and replaces the old panel in totality. It includes a display of the engine operating state, engine diagnostics, generator parameters and battery voltage.

The EMCP 4.4 retrofit panel adds all functions typically required for paralleling up to 16 EMCP 4.4-equipped generator sets together. This includes load shed/load add to automatically cycle load, based on the number of generator sets online, and load sense/load demand to vary the number of generator sets online, based on the total site load to ensure optimal use of the units.

Stop by our dealership to learn more about the different EMCP 4 models of controllers.

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